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Bay and Gable

The Victorian style bridges many old world styles by leveraging the developments the industrial revolution. The ability to mass produce materials and decor that were previously only available to those with stables of craftmen, caused a whirlwind of design practices that produced some of the most ornately decorated homes in the last 150 years.

Exterior Charateristics

Bay and Gable Exterior

  1. Steep Gables
  2. Patterns using Buff and Red Brick
  3. Ornate Window Decor (in this case an Eyebrow Lintel)
  4. Bay Windows
  5. Stained glass over the door
  6. Age of Machine Gingerbread Decoration
  7. Veranda (usually covered and wrapping a corner with turned posts)

Interior Charateristics

Victorian Interior

  1. Crystal Chandelier Centerd in a Plaster Medallion
  2. Velvet Drapes with Gold Roping
  3. Iron Lamps with Innovative Shades
  4. Machine Produced Lace Covers
  5. Coal Fireplace
  6. Gold Leaf Picture and Mirror Frames
  7. Richly Patterned Wallpaper

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