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The style was cumulative of architectural fashion in Britain during the reign of the first three King Georges of England (1750 - 1820). Georgian architecture in Britain and in Canada was a modification of the Renaissance style, balanced fašades, muted ornament, and minimal detailing.Simplicity, symmetry, and solidity were the elements to be strived for.

Exterior Charateristics

Colonial Exterior

  1. 2 stories
  2. Symmetry across the facade
  3. Muted ornamentation
  4. Shuttered windows
  5. 6 or 8 windows spaced evenly
  6. Heavy front door at center
  7. Multi-light windows

Interior Charateristics

Georgian Interior

  1. Wingedback furniture
  2. Pale colour schemes and woodwork
  3. Italian influenced artifacts
  4. Wood plank floors covered
  5. Oriental carpets
  6. Panelled walls
  7. Grilled fireplace at center of living room
  8. Large oil prints of nature

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