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When we speak about domestic architectural style, we don't usually think about the bungalows many of us grew up in the suburban areas around cities. These homes were built as track developments in the 50's and 60's to house returning veterans and a working middle class that could now afford larger homes. The greatest quality of this style of house is its ability to adapt and adopt other house styles. Over the last 50 years postwar homes have been the canvas for many renovations.

Other postwar styles: Ranch, Cape Cod, Split-level, Bi-level

Exterior Charateristics

Postwar Exterior

  1. International Style
  2. Efficient use of space
  3. Usually 1 - 1 1/1 Stories
  4. Broad hipped roof
  5. 1 Large plate glass window
  6. Smaller windows in other rooms
  7. Large lot
  8. Carport
  9. Simple or hidden entrance

Postwar Interior Charateristics

Postwar Interior

  1. 8 ' Ceilings
  2. Open Concept
  3. Large openings between rooms
  4. Clean Lines
  5. Minimal Detail
  6. Large plate glass L/R Window
  7. Unstained hardwood floors
  8. Simple shelving built-ins

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