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What Style is my House?

This questionnaire will help identify the style of your house

House Style Identification

Answer these questions and automatically receive an indication of what style of house you likely have. The questionnaire uses a points system to guess your house style. Please note that results will vary and that this tool looks primarily at house styles that are described in this website.

Over the years many houses have undergone transformations that may obscure the original style so, when answering the questions, try to think about your house as it may have been when it was built.

1. In what period do you think your house was built?   
2. Which of the following most closely resembles your roofline?
3. Check off the elements that are prominent features of your house? (select multiple)
Porch Centre Hallway 10' Ceilings L/R Fireplace Stained Glass
Vaulted Ceilings Garage Carport Split-staircase Walk-in Attic
4. Which of the following most closely resembles an original window in your house?
5. How many storeys does your house have?
1   1 1/2   2   3   More than 3  
6. Which of the following most closely resembles the styling* of your house?
    * not necessarily the same shape
7. Check off the elements that are featured in the exterior of your house? (select multiple)
Brick Multi-Color Brick Shingle Siding Stone Siding Stucco
Braces Gingerbread Pillars Dormers
8. If your house has pillars, which of the following most resembles those pillars?
          No Pillars
9. Which of the following describes your house?
Detached   Semi-Detached   Side-by-side   Row  

Greek Revival
2nd Empire
Queen Anne
Bay & Gable
Arts & Crafts
Cape Cod

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#6 should have more choices because it doesn't give an option for the 2-3 story crafstman/Queen Anne homes of the 1920s that prevail in the Midwest — Jan Bentley

Thanks Jan, that's a good point. We will have a look at expanding those options. — Brian

Thanks for the great site. I'd like to suggest that the window photos in #4 be made bigger -- they're very hard to see. — Amanda

what about brick pillars? — scott

Shouldn't there be a question about the year the house was built? Wouldn't that narrow it down? This quiz was very far off from our house style. — tyler

It was hard to describe my house with these limited choices. It's a split level with high curved ceilings and picture rails through out, there's a step up in the living room with several arches and door moulding that I can't find a match to anywhere and double french doors on either side of the fireplace lead to the deck out back. There's an entry garden room and the exterior is a weird cobble of materials. I'd really like to know the style of my house since it might help me find matching moulding for some rooms we are renovating. — Charlotte Laihonen

Charlotte based on your descriptions I would guess Arts and Crafts is the base for your house. Often Queen Anne and Arts and Crafts elements were combined. — Brian

I'm just not finding the style of my home. I've looked everywhere. I have a picture if someone would be willing to look at it? I'm thoroughly exhausted frm searching thru site & photos, styles etc. Please Help? — Kelly

Very nice site! — alexa349

Can't find our house here or anywhere. We have a flat roof 3 story brick twin. It's not a Victorian or Arts & Crafts. 100 yrs. old. — Diane

Hi Diane, based on your description my best guess would be a variety of Georgian. One style element of georgian is that windows get a little smaller as you go up the stories. Another indication is if extra effort went into making an attractive doorway. Look at the doors of Dublin for the idea. — Brian

My home doesn't "fit" the list. My roof line goes up on one side and doesn't come down. Very "70s" "pop-up" look — jerramye

You have a great blog here! I love the content! — Marzen

my house is a Georgian variety. thank you so much - great site. — auwilda

I thhuogt finding this would be so arduous but it's a breeze! — Peerless

I thhuogt finding this would be so arduous but it's a breeze! — Peerless

Yeah, we're not in an arts and crafts bungalow. Our is a two-story, semi-detached single family built in 2000. It has a similar roofline though. — Sarah Reavis

my house is a Georgian variety. thank you so much - great site. — auwilda

None of these ? came close to what my house has, — Kathryn

I have square porch pillars but they surprisingly were not a choice. Please add. Thanks for the site. — melanie

my house is a Georgian variety. thank you so much - great site. — auwilda

Our house kinda looks like the Sears Starlight...BUT we do not have a full front porch. We have dormer but no second floor. is there a way to post a picture? We tried getting info from the county, but our house was moved at one point and date of build isn't known — Shannon

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The porch has wooden square supports. It had two wood pieces that were off the sides of the supports closer to the top. Looked a bit like a tree trunk with branches high up. We removed these side pieces do to rotting. — Kathi

Is there someone I could send a picture of the front of my home to identify it. Three story no mansard built in 1911 — Barbara Kelly

I thought mine was a ranch style home. Thanks! For confirming that. — Melissa freeman

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kiZRVW Thanks for the article post. Awesome. — high quality backlinks

The house is a custom grey stone ranch style bungalow with two different roof lines, country setting, lots of natural elements. — Catherine Fisher

My home doesn't really fit any of the categories from what I can tell. It was built in 1979, is a bi-level (at the entry foyer you face 2 stair cases: 1 going up, one going down. Fireplace downstairs w/family room, bedroom, bath, bar, and egress windows. (All windows that can be opened are crank-outs.) Kitchen, LR, 2 bedrooms & bath upstairs. Front has stone on lower 1/3 only; cedar siding placed vertically on upper 2/3. There is a large window made up of 5 tall windows on the front. Garage is attached. Roof is low on left (garage side), peaks above large window, then slopes down on right, but is much higher from the ground on the right than on the left. Can you tell me what the style is? — Denise

Denise--again! I believe my house is post-war, just as your site suggested when I changed a few answers. Although my front entry is much more prominent than suggested, and I have a 5-bank front window that is thermopane, it's possible that a previous owner replaced what may have been one large plate glass window. Or the builder just had a better imagination! Thank you for a great site. — Denise

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